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'The Great Tribulation' Review

The year is 2008 and it is finally time for the vision of No Assembly Required to be unleashed upon this world. It all began seven long years ago as an idea and in those years has been turned into what is now known as 'The Great Tribulation', an album capturing the true passion and intensity of modern heavy metal like no band before. That's seven years of dedication and hard work from a band that knows no boundaries and can go as far as they want to go and even further. No Assembly Required are back and we had all better prepare to rebuild what is left behind in their devastating wake.

From the beginning you realize these past seven years were not spent lightly. 'The Great Tribulation' opens with the full-on metal assault of "I Hate", pounds through the intense groove of tracks like "Russia" and "Of Sin and Suffering...", while also giving you some room to breathe on tracks like the hook-laden "A Day In February" and the awe-inspiring "Pictures of You", which features guest vocals by Shane of Silverstein. The album's most beautiful and emotional moment comes in the track "Internation Love Affair", a track that transports you to a completely different world.

All the members of No Assembly Required are at their musical best on 'The Great Tribulation' and prove they are a force to be reckoned with in the metal world. Vocalist Luca Mele screams, growls, and sings his way through 11 tales of love, hate, and destruction. Guitarist System lays down some of metal's sickest guitar riffs and at times makes you question if there is more than one guitarist in the band. Bassist Paul Amaral and drummer Dave Saylor feed off each other to create a deeper more intense sound that makes NAR unique.

In a world where there is little or no creativity left, No Assembly Required prove there are still original ideas out there. With a new album and a sound only described as "intense vibecore" by the band and their legions of fans, No Assembly Required are set to take over the world. We've waited seven long years for this and 2008 is the year of 'The Great Tribulation'...

-- Conrad A. Ledsinger, Jr [diztortid@yahoo.com]
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